May 2017:

Section: Feature

The DGN “Tweet of the Week” aims to express positivity and connectivity amongst the student body. Each Friday morning during the video announcements, a new tweet is selected as long as a student uses the hashtag #WeAreDGN in the tweet. Tweets can range from athletic teams winning a championship to a group of students reflecting over a somber event. While the “Tweet of the Week” may be a weekly occurrence, the process of how a tweet gets selected remains in question.

Athena coach Chloe Penny manages the #WeAreDGN Twitter account. However, associate principal, Kelly Zuerner, oversees the entire operation. Both Zuerner and Penny communicate as the decision draws near.

“The main point of the “Tweet of the Week” is to feature all the wonderful things happening around DGN through sports, clubs, activities, and academic classes,” Zuerner said.

Although there is no official criteria, other than promoting school spirit, Penny makes sure to be diverse when choosing the winning tweet.

“I try to pick something that maybe has not been featured before,” Penny said.

Throughout the week, Penny retweets and likes select tweets in order for them to be considered for that week’s particular contest. One element that Zuerner and Penny do take into consideration while selecting a tweet is the number of retweets and/or likes that a tweet has.

“If a tweet that uses the hashtag has more retweets and likes than another, it is more likely to be considered for the “Tweet of the Week”, Zuerner said.

Zuerner is open to new ideas in order to make the “Tweet of the Week” better. One idea that she may consider is nominating two students for the “Tweet of the Week, or having students vote on the best one.

“Students have not inquired about it, but I am open to the idea,” Zuerner said.

On March 7, junior Lukas Elisha tweeted a photo while at a candle vigil to honor a fellow deceased classmate. His tweet captured a series of candles with the word “Richie” written beneath them. The tweet received 21 retweets and 124 likes while using the #WeAreDGN hashtag. When Elisha, along with the rest of the school, found out that his tweet did not win, he was in a state of shock and disbelief.

“I was very surprised to see that I didn’t win the “Tweet of the Week” because Richie’s passing had a very large impact on DGN that week. Also, there was no reference in the video announcements, so the least they could have done was have a Richie related tweet,” Elisha said.

Elisha was amazed to see how many people recognized his tweet. Some of them he did not even know.

“I thought that I would get recognition from my close friends and schoolmates, but I was very surprised to see the amount of likes and retweets from people who I did not know well,” Elisha said.

On Jan 23, sophomore Cooper Marks was featured in a video of him and his friends testing out a new obstacle course for the Twitter community to see. The video was tweeted by his older brother, 2016 graduate Bowen Marks, and received 37 retweets and 165 likes in the process. However, the tweet did not contain the #WeAreDGN hashtag and won the “Tweet of the Week”, which should make him ineligible.

Marks was excited when his tweet won, as he expected the tweet to get recognition.

“It was really cool winning and being on the video announcements. Once it got 100 likes, I knew that it was probably going to win,” Marks said.

As great as the “Tweet of the Week” is for the DGN community, the message needs to be clearer about what criteria is involved. We may never know the answer, but it would be beneficial for students who care about being selected and to enhance a popular weekly announcement.