I have been very fortunate to conduct numerous multimedia pieces for our student newspaper publication, as well as the sports teams that I am involved with at Downers Grove North High School. These are a few pieces I feel stand-out amongst the rest and are my best work.

Boys’ football: 2004 State Championship Tribute video (remastered)

Published: 8/2/17

I noticed the original version of this video did not have music or audio synced to it whatsoever, which took away from the enjoyment of it. With football season only a few weeks away, I decided to compile the original footage, as well as add the TV broadcast of the end of the game. This video was also made for entertainment purposes, as well as a motivational video for the 2017-18 season. All credit goes to its original owners.

Boys’ Basketball: Hinsdale South @ DGN game recap

As the social media manager for the boys’ basketball team, my job is to highlight all of the great things the team does during their season, on and off the court. Part of making that happen is creating recap videos of each game for those who may not be able to make it or to relive great memories from the games.

Published: 3/10/18

Pretty in Purple Fashion Show Sports Showcase



With all of my involvement in athletics, I noticed that a majority of athletes participated in DGN’s annual Pretty in Purple Fashion Show, or better known as “PIP”. I was asked to produce a video highlighting all DGN sports that parents and community members could watch before the show began.


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