An important part of working with any newspaper publication is making sure to copy edit his or her stories, even if they are ones you did not write. Even though I primarily focus on editing my own stories, here are some examples of stories that I have edited in months past.




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EDIT: Our boys’ cross country team won a state championship this past season and our EIC chose to write a story about them. While the story was very well-written and concise, there was one question I had regarding the lead. While reading the story, Natalie White does a superb job of explaining how closeness relates to their success. However, when trying to explain DGN’s point-margin, she did not mention who the specific second-place team was that DGN beat by 45 points, something a sports fan would most likely want to know.


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EDIT: A story about anything related to our student section group, N-Zone, has become a consistent topic over the last four years for our publication to write about. The writer, Ethan Smith, is a current Journalism I student and senior at DGN, who is also on wrestling. With that being said, he noticed that fan attendance has become a significant criticism of the group and wants to see change and diversity with the events the group attends. Although the topic seems strong in terms of an opinion piece, the story drifts off in numerous directions, creating an unclear angle, which I highlighted in my comments above.

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EDIT: This story was written by another Journalism I student, Mary Wojcik, a junior at DGN. She decided to center her story around our current cafeteria, and what changes need to be made in order to make it healthier and more balanced. While her story was nicely well-written, there was a minor issue with structure, which is shown in my comment above.